foods that speed up metabolism

Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

So you’ve pretty much eaten your way through December. Now it’s January and you’ve stepped on the scale and wishing you’s passed on that dessert or ten. Kick up your metabolism to help shed that weight. Here are some foods that speed up metabolism.

You must burn more calories than you eat, bottom line, no matter what kind of a diet you’re on.  Forget fad diets, low carb, no carb, no gluten. Here are some foods, some you may already be eating that help speed up your metabolism. Note that the diet industry makes money off many Americans’ desire to lose weight. But don’t waste time on these fad diets. Start eating these foods to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories in a healthy way.

    • Wine – Like red wine? Great. Start drinking a glass per day to help speed up your metabolism. Studies have shown that just one glass a day helps to burn calories. Make sure to stick to just one glass a day as more than interfere with sleep and can actually have the reverse affect of burning calories.


    • Fish – Sardines, tuna and salmon are high on the list of foods that speed up metabolism. Not only are they great sources of heart-healthy fat and Omega-3, they help lower your levels of a hormone called leptin. It’s easier to lose weight when your leptin levels stay in the lower ranges. Eat more fish, and if you don’t like fish, take fish oil supplements.
    • Peppers – Hot and spicy peppers like cayenne, habanero and jalapeno make the list of foods that speed up metabolism. How does this work? They contain an ingredient called capsaicin which can boost your metabolism for up to 3 hours after you ingest it. Not only are hot peppers are terrific way to speed up your metabolism if you can tolerate them, but they can liven up many bland dishes.
    • Whole grains – When it comes to burning calories, you have to think in terms of foods that are going to keep you full for a long amount of time. So, you’ll want to avoid sugary snacks and pastas. Whole grains are among some of the best foods that speed up metabolism, because they digest slowly and keep your blood sugar levels even. Cinnamon also has blood sugar-regulating properties, so use of this spice can help keep your metabolism chugging at high speed.

foods to speed up metablolism

  • Proteins – Protein-rich foods like nuts, eggs, beans and lean meats give your body the fat to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Water – If you workout at the gym, have you seen those people that go around sipping water from a gallon jug? They know that part of the secret of speeding up metabolism is consuming a ton of water. It keeps your body operating at top efficiency. Add lemon for a burst of citrus flavor!