How To Plan a Cheap Wedding Reception

5 Tips for Planning a Cheap Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is an important part of any wedding. The reception is often the easiest way for many to celebrate their marriage with their close family and friends. Unfortunately, wedding receptions can be expensive. Those who are not prepared to pay for a large reception may feel as though they cannot have a fun wedding reception.

Fortunately, you can have a wedding reception without the high cost. You can easily plan a cheap wedding reception. This type of reception does not have to look cheap, and will be sure to keep to your low budget. These five tips will help you to have the cheap reception that you want.

  1. Have Solid Invitation Numbers Available
    If you are planning for a cheap reception, you need to be sure that you avoid waste. You want to be sure that you are planning for the exact amount of people that will be at your reception. You need to have a solid number of invitations. At most, plan for the number of invitations that you have sent out. If possible, require RSVPs to be sure that you know the exact number of people who plan on attending.

wedding-reception-cheap-ideas2. Set a Budget
If you are planning a cheap wedding reception, you need to make sure that you have a solid budget. Plan on the amount of money that you can afford to spend on your wedding reception. Force yourself to stick to that budget. If you want a realistic budget, talk to others who have planned receptions. This will give you a general idea of the cost of a wedding reception that you will be able to base your budget off of.

3. DIY Items for your Wedding Reception
If you or some of your friends and family are craft enlist their help to plan some of the items for your wedding. A crafty person can find lots of items inexpensively online for your wedding reception. These can be put together for a wedding centerpiece that could look elegant and beautiful. Need a program for your wedding? Print out online and glue them to popsicle sticks and place on guests’ seats.

4. Constantly Compare Prices / Slash Costs for you Wedding Reception
Be sure to comparison shop for all of the objects that you need to rent or purchase. Comparing prices will help you to find exactly what you want for your reception, but at the lowest cost possible. Duh! By avoiding inviting children, you can lessen costs for your wedding reception. While it is taboo to many guests, forgoing booze at your wedding reception, can also save you thousands of dollars. But please don’t have a cash bar, that’s just tacky!

5. Buy a Package for your Wedding
Many wedding venues will allow you to buy a package that includes setup, food and the venue all for one price. This always turns out cheaper than when you book a venue and have to choose individual vendors yourself. It also saves you time because you don’t have to choose between a million options for your wedding reception.

You do not need to have a cheap looking reception to have a cheap wedding reception. With carefully selected items and serious planning, you can have the wedding reception that will help your family and friends celebrate your wedding at a price you can afford.

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