12 Dining Etiquette Tips

Attending a wedding this summer or a big party? Here’s a refresher on dinner party etiquette. Brush up on these basics you can’t afford to overlook, from etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman.

dining etiquette

1. Wait for your host before placing your napkin on your lap. Yes you are hungry and want to dig in, but wait for this signal from your host to begin.
2. Keep your elbows off the table. After a few drinks we may be tempted to slack on this, bud just don’t.
3. When in doubt, use the “D” – “B” rule. Drinks on right; bread on left.
4. Spoon soup away from your body. It seems to make no sense, but this is the proper way to eat soup. And of course, no slurping.
5. Cut only one piece of food at a time.
6. Pace yourself. Try not to be the first or last to finish your meal. Pay attention to those around you and keep up or slow down with them.
7. Pass items at the table counter clockwise.
8. Salt and pepper are sent around the table together.
9. Break off one small piece of bread at a time.
10. Do not butter the entire roll. Just a dab will do, and your waist will thank you.
11. Do not ask for a doggie bag. If there are plenty of leftovers and your host offers it up, then go for it. But don’t bring it up yourself.
12. Don’t forget to thank your host.