Wedding Season: Gifts Not To Give

Wedding season is a upon us. Did you know that about $7 billion dollars are spend each year on wedding gifts? Hard to believe it would be that much. Chances are, you have been invited to attend a wedding and are wondering what to give. Couples don’t always register, so it is difficult to know what to get. Here are a list of presents no couple wants to get.

Your Hobby – Perhaps your hobby is creating model airplanes or painting or sculpting. Whatever it is, unless this couple has expressed a deep interest in your hobby, chances are they don’t want it. So, just buy them something on their registry and play it safe.

Cash – while it is great to get money, there is so much going on the day of the wedding, it is easy for this to get misplaced. So, if you feel it necessary to give money, please do it in the form of a check.

Decor items – Pictures or items that would decorate shelves are a very personal taste. Just because you happen to adore pink flamingos, doesn’t mean the happy couple does. So, leave your personal taste out of gift giving.

In today’s times, many couples have had a long time of single living. This means they’ve already acquired toasters, coffee machines, and pots and pans. So, again, unless they’ve put it on their registry, these regular day-to-day use items are more than likely not what they want. In fact, they are probably trying to downsize from having two of all these things to just one.

Remember, you want to give the bride and groom a wedding present that is useful and / or appreciated, not something they feel obligated to keep around. By keeping these tips in mind for selecting a wedding present, you are sure to buy them a wedding gift they value.