mocktails a new trend

Mocktails: A Hot New Trend

First, there was the advent of the low proof cocktails, but now there seems to be a trend of zero alcohol in drinks, dubbed the Mocktail. So, why have these non-alcoholic drinks become so popular? Gone are the days when executives would have the three martini lunch. Any drinking during the day time seems to be frowned upon in today’s society.

The evenings are a different story though. There’s a group of people that just choose not to drink whether that be health or beliefs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a nice tasting drink other than cola to clink glasses with their alcohol-loving friends.

Another group includes the part-times. These are designated drivers, the pregnant women, the marathon trainers, and the under-agers. These teetotalers may be ordering shots and downing twelve dollar martinis, but their drinking is tabled for the near future.

Here are a couple interesting mocktails we’ve heard of:

  • The Thyme-Ade (club soda, lime juice and thyme simple syrup)
  • The Apple Mojito (apple cider, mint, lime juice, and simple syrup)
  • The Kitchen Rickey (fresh-squeezed lime juice, blood orange bitters and ginger ale)

Chances are at your next gathering you will encounter a non-drinker, either full time or part time. Instead of relegating these guests to boring cola or lemonade, why not celebrate their sobriety by creating a special mocktail just for them? It doesn’t have to be super complicated as the ones listed above. Many cocktails can be made into mocktails and be just as tasty by simply omitting the alcohol. And don’t forget the best part – serving your craft mocktail in a special cocktail glass.