6 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Not only does it taste terrific, but there are many benefits to drinking lemon water.

Sure, cocktails are terrific and many cocktails use lemons in them. However, as doctors and nutrition experts tell us, we may want to back away from all the booze and incorporate more water into our daily lives. Also, many people are now cutting back for abstaining for liquor due to health or religions reasons. Whatever the reason here are some reasons to add lemon water into your life.

*It keeps you looking and smelling good! Besides the other reasons listed below, there are several health effects of drinking lemon water that everyone can begin to see rather quickly. 1.) It reduces blemishes. 2.) It helps you to lose weight by keeping you full. 3.) It freshens your breath! Yeah, so after you hit the pizza buffet at lunch, drink a glass of lemon water.

*Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, which acts as an immune booster for your body.

*By drinking lemon water during the day, you are helping to rid your body of harmful toxins. They are flushed out with the aid of the lemons.

*Energize yourself. Looking for a boost of energy when you hit that afternoon slump? Try a glass of lemon water. It energizes your body and won’t have you crashing like a sugar rush would.

*Calm yourself. Lemon water helps reduce anxiety. Even the smell of fresh lemons calms your nervous system.

*Got a sore throat? Squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of warm water and let it sooth your throat. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this works.


Cleansing the Body: Detox Prep and Steps

Cleansing the Body: 3 Detoxification Steps

Cleansing the body is a very important matter to a lot of people. Not only does cleansing the body help anyone who does so in the long run, but it is also a good idea to complete a body detoxification in order for all of the toxins and wastes in your body to leave so that you’ll be left with a healthy system. Even though many people speak of detoxification as though it were really difficult to do, the opposite is true. If you break the body and system detoxification down into 3 simple steps one is able to realize just how easy and exciting this process can be.

The First Step: Preparation

Even though preparing for a body detoxification may not seem necessary, preparing for anything absolutely is. Consider: no one would usually skydive or bungee jump without mentally and/or physically preparing. The detoxification cleansing steps are absolutely the same and those who need a clean system need to prepare before they are able to complete a full, healthy body detox.

One of the ways in which you are able to completely prepare yourself is to perform yoga steps several days before the detoxification actually begins. This will not only help clear your mind, but it will benefit your body as well. Of course, there are plenty of other preparation steps that can be done, but yoga is the most beneficial.

The Second Step: Detoxification

This second step is the actual system of detoxification and cleansing your body. This step alone is usually supposed to contain oils like flax seed, olive oil, and primrose, as well as raw soups and fresh greens that are also juiced and pureed. These are all ingredients that one should be digesting during a body detoxification and one is supposed to consume everything on this list for a period of 24 hours. Some of the suggested meals that one is able to eat during this time include: blended and juiced vegetables, like celery, cucumbers, kale, parsley, wheat grass, barley, and spinach. All of these ingredients can be put into a blender in order to make a raw juice which you should drink at least three times during the detoxification.

Another thing that one should consume during their detoxification is vegetable soup that has plenty of garlic and green vegetables. This is the only type of soup which should be consumed because vegetable broth is the most beneficial to the system.

The Third Step: Finishing Up

Many people call the third step the “exit” of the detoxification cleanses, however, does one ever really leave detoxification? However, the rest of the detox system simply calls upon the person to ease themselves away from the raw and pureed juices, the raw soups, as well as the essential oils. This step is supposed to be completed in a series of three days in order to be the most beneficial to the cleanse, however, some people shorten it as well.

All of these steps are vital and important to clearing out your body’s systems by flushing everything toxic out of your body. A detoxification cleanse is something that is called upon regularly by a lot of people, and it is usually certain to help everything in the body!

Coffee and Health: Reasons to Drink Three or More Cups a Day

Every couple of months a new study comes out that completely contradicts the previous one with relation to our health and well being. If we followed all of these we’d be a constant state of change. So, what’s a level headed person to do? My opinion is to keep things in moderation and try and eat the way my grandparents ate. This means enjoy my coffee and eggs in the morning. And try and eat less processed foods. I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee per day and am glad that the latest study is supporting this for many health reasons.

Coffee definitely gives a much needed boost of energy to start my day. It helps me think clearer and is just a relaxing way to begin my day. But there are other health benefits (at least that’s what the scientists are saying) to drinking coffee.

Arabica coffee beans contain antioxidant compounds. By drinking 3 cups of coffee a day you can lower your markers for oxidative DNA damage in just one month. The good news this is a benefit whether you drink regular or decaf coffee.

Mood Improvement
People who drink four cups or more of coffee daily are about 10 percent less likely to be depressed than non-coffee drinkers according to a National Institutes of Health stud. Researchers think caffeine is a minor antidepressant which impacts neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

Not only does coffee seem to aid in cognitive abilities, but in physical activities as well. In a recent study, cyclists were given different drinks: coffee, decaf coffee and a placebo drink. They were then asked to perform a cycling test. The caffeinated group was faster the non-caffeinated group.

Long Term Health Benefits

Better Brain Function
Coffee can reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s. Participants over age 65 that had shown early signs of Alzheimer’s drank about 3 cups of coffee per day, they did not show any more progression of the disease after being tracked for 2 plus years. However, those who did not drink coffee showed signs that the disease was progressing.

Curb Diabetes
A meta-analysis in the European Journal of Nutrition stated that for every two cups of regular or decaf coffee you consume per day, your risk for type 2 diabetes decreases by 10 to 12 percent.

Protect Your Liver
You can protect your live by just drinking two cups of coffee per day. This is especially important for daily alcohol drinkers.