5 Reasons to Drink More Tea

1. Tea is super easy to make.
Even if you prepare your coffee the night before, it still requires measuring coffee and water, not to mention grinding beans, if you are a coffee purist. None of that is necessary for a delicious cup of tea. Just heat up some water. It’s that easy.

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2. Hydration
Research has shown that tea hydrates just as much as water does. So there’s a bonus: besides the antioxidants present in tea, there’s also hydration going on. So you can drink tea all day long!

3. Health Benefits
For years, we’ve been hearing there are major health benefits to drinking different kinds of tea. Besides the fact that Green tea is noted to help in weight loss, research has shown it helps to keep your bones healthy. While your thirty-something self may not care too much about this, your seventy-something self will thank you for being so proactive.

4. Halitosis Help
Researchers at the University of Chicago found that black tea contains a chemical called polyphenols that slow down the formation of bacteria. They may also reduce the chance. of periodontal disease.

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5. Tea Parties
Let’s face it – dinner parties are great, but who has the time to put together a huge meal regularly? With tea parties, choose a couple of your favorite varieties of tea, with a couple dainty finger sandwiches and some cookies and biscuits. Bam – you’re done! Not only is it rather simple to pull together the components but rather classy.