Dining Out: New Rules

In many other countries, it is a huge treat to be able to go out to dinner. There are many here in the US, that seem to take it for granted based on the behavior seen at some restaurants around the nation. Besides being shameful not appreciate dining out, poor actions can ruin the experience for others. Here are some reminders for the proper etiquette when dining out.

Phony Bologna

When diners are checking email, putting pictures on Facebook, and texting others, they miss out on that lovely experience of dining out. Put the phone away and enjoy dinner. Nothing is more obnoxious than a boisterous diner while others are trying to have a pleasant meal.

Babysitters are too Expensive

A couple decades ago it would have been unheard of for a couple to bring their child on their “date night.” Now, with the cost of everything going up and shrinking income, many parents choose to bring their kids out with them, rather than pay a sitter. It is plain rude to bring loud, misbehaving children out and put a damper on other couples’ evenings out. Suggestion: swap nights out with another couple.

Taking Casual too Far

Gone are the days when restaurants had strict dress codes.  While it is good things have become more relaxed, perhaps they have become TOO realxed. So, here are some restaurant fashion dont’s:

  • Flip-flops and shorts have no place at fancy restaurants
  • No Baseball Caps
  • Let’s rule out the sporty look too. No sneakers or gym clothes at fancy restaurants

Cater to my Dietary Needs

Sure, everyone is free to choose their own diet. However, diners who require special foods should check out a restaurant website or contact them to find out if they have a menu to suite their needs. There is a lot of  work that goes into  that beautiful plate of food in front of you. So, don’t show up expecting them to cater to special food requirements.

Hold the Reservation

If you won’t be able to keep your reservation, call them and cancel. An empty table that would have otherwise been occupied is lost income. Restaurants are not free from blame either. A guests’ table should be ready when they arrive. Waiting great than 20 minutes for a table with a reservation is unfair. A free drink or appetizer goes a long way to smooth over a long wait.