why should you decant your wine

Wine Decanting: A Necessary Component of Wine Enjoyment

Wine just seems to be gaining more popularity these days. People take courses on how to select wine, buying wine and there are lots of special storage recommendations for wine. But what about when you are ready to drink your wine? Should you just drink it out of a bottle? No, you should decant your wine.

It is pretty astonishing that most restaurants charge enormous amounts for wine yet don’t take care to serve in in a method that would allow its best flavor to come through. However, most experts recommend that wine be transferred or decanted. It simply means transferring your wine to a different container.

Wine decanting does something to the wine that enhances it and makes is even more appealing. There are two reasons you would want to decant wine. The first reason to decant your wine is that it separates the sediment which has often mixed in with the wine. This is especially true about older wine. Conversely young wine needs to mix with oxygen to open up and decanting allows this to happen.

With newer wines simply pour it into a decanter and wait for about thirty minutes. THis ensures that the wine will have begun to develop. It is even more interesting to wait for an hour or two and notice the different that the decanting has made.

For older wines, you’ll have to follow a few more steps to fully decant the wine. Start off by letting the wine stand straight up for a couple hours before you plan to drink it. Yes, some pre-planning for decanting your older wines is involved. You’ll also need a light source like a flashlight or a candle.

Hold the light source behind the neck of the bottle while you pour it into the decanter. Pour until you start to see the sediment in the neck and then stop.

Choosing and caring for your decanter
A clear, crystal decanter allows you to see the wine most clearly. It should also be spotless. Be careful not to use soap water or detergent to clean your decanter. The shapes of decanters make it hard to get all the chemicals out leaving a residue and often an odor that doesn’t mix well with wine. Simply use a mixture or coarse salt and crushed ice to clean your decanter which will leave it odor free.


Four Wine Accessories Every Wine Enthusiast Should Have

When it comes to your wine, WMF has you covered from opening, enjoying, and preserving your wine. WMF has such a stylish and affordable line of wine accoutrements that you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

First things first, you’ve got to open that bottle to enjoy it. The Vino Variable Corkscrew is probably the only corkscrew you’ll ever need. Due to its patented movable external buttons this corkscrew adapts automatically to all bottlenecks. No worries about fighting to get your bottle open.

Of course, you always have to remove that foil from the top of the wine bottle before you can pop the cork right? Why fight with it using a knife or the point of the corkscrew? Instead use an efficient foil cutter. Simply place this ergonomically designed tool flat on top of the bottle, hold and turn. It makes the process so much simpler.

While most times, you’ll enjoy a bottle in its entirety in one evening, there are times when a bottle must be kept for a day or two. Why just put the cork back in when you could provide a seal that does a better job of preserving your wine? The Zufix Bottle Stopper is versatile and so effective it will taste like the bottle was newly opened when you enjoy it the next day or two later. It fits most wine bottles and seals them air-tight! Comes in assorted colors including blue, orange, red, and green. The set of four is only $9.99.

If you have taken any wine education courses or have read up about wine, you probably are aware that red wine needs to “air out” a bit to be enjoyed at its optimal flavor. This process just means the wine mixes with oxygen to develop its flavor. So, you can certainly open the bottle and let it breathe for a while, or you can pour it in a decanter and let it do its thing.

But what if you don’t want to wait? That’s when the WMF decanting funnel comes in handy. This WMF decanting funnel is super classy but it is also speeds up the process of aerating your wine. The sieve catches any cork or deposit when decanting. The fine holes at the end of the funnel distribute the wine widely over the inside surface of the decanter allowing the wine to become enriched with the air it needs to develop its typical bouquet.

This set would make a lovely gift for a housewarming present. It is perfect for a couple just starting out or a young single getting their first apartment home. The wine package including the Decanter, Wine Opener, Wine Stoppers, and Foil Cutter is less than $80. Gift idea: package this set in a gift basket for an elegant and thoughtful presentation.