Kansas City Brews: Both Big and Small Operations Impress

While craft beers seem to be popping up everywhere, some breweries have become huge empires, with distribution all over the country. And still, there are some that are happy to produce small quantities. They have a loyal fan base which happily comes to their brewery to enjoy their special craft beers. Or they may even have a restaurant where they serve their beer. Here, we explore two very different beer producers in Kansas City.


Boulevard and McCoy’s are the two breweries we are focusing on, both located in Kansas City. These two couldn’t’ be more different. Boulevard is one of the biggest breweries in the Midwest, distributing to 25 states.  McCoy’s, unlike Boulevard doesn’t distribute their beer, but it is only available at this gastropub or their sister restaurant, The Foundry.



Boulevard Brewing has massive tanks, beckoning you from far away. A tour includes a short, yet informative overview from one of the brewers. You’ll also get to see their bottling operations in action. After that, head down to the dark and cozy tasting room. Here you can choose from a dozen or so different brews. Try the Tank 7 Famhouse Ale or the Ginger Beer if available.



The Bag of Bones is a specialty at McCoy’s

McCoys is just about the complete opposite of Boulevard. Here, the beer is as much the focus as the food. They do several styles of IPAs, which all have their merits. Try a flight of IPAs. But be careful as they are all around 7 percent ABV. Get the Pretzel with house made dipping sauces, The Bag of Bones and for dessert, the Bread Pudding with black and tan sauce.


Dessert is a must at McCoy’s!