Tea Infusers for Loose Leaf Teas

Loose leaf tea sales have become extremely popular in the last several years. There are all kinds of different flavors of loose leaf teas available. Many argue that loose leaf teas give a better brew of tea than the traditional tea bags. Some tea enthusiasts even prefer to brew their own blend of tea.

Of course if you want to brew loose leaf tea you will need an infuser. The idea is the ease of removal of the tea leaves once you are done brewing your tea. Experts recommend not leaving the tea leaves in your water too long. This causes them to overbrew which leads to bitter tea.

The best thing to do is a use an infuser in a teapot. Simply place the leaves into the tea strainer in the teapot, add water and wait for your tea to brew. There’s even a whistle to let you know when the water is boiling. This is much more convenient versus other brewing methods which require you to boil your water elsewhere and then add to a strainer in a cup. This gets everything done in one step.

When ready, lift out the infuser with the leaves and you’re left with clear tea. The strainer lifts right out of the kettle for easy clean up.

Looking for a quality tea infuser? Made of stainless steel, the WMF Ball Tea Kettle with Infuser combines a beautiful design with sophisticated functionality. The strainers is perfectly sized to allow the tea leaves to develop their flavor,

• Brews up to 1-1/2 quarts of tea
• Removable whistle on spout adds merry note to tea-brewing
• Removable infuser fits into kettle opening with lid removed
• Made of heavy 18/10 stainless steel polished to mirror finish
• Lifetime warranty against defects

For the perfect cup of tea every time, the WMF Ball Tea Kettle with Infuser is the best choice. The elegant design is something any tea lover will be proud to display in their kitchen. Surprise the tea lover in your life with this Tea Kettle.

Basic Knife Skills

It has often been said that if you have a good set of knives or even just one good knife and have decent skills at using them, you are on the right path to make cooking easier. We’ve certainly got a collection of state of the art knives. So, we’ve put together this short tutorial on mastering knife skills.

Source: KitchenwithJustin.com

The first step in knife skills is learning how to hold the knife properly. When holding a chef’s knife, grip it by wrapping your fingers around the handle with the thumb on the inside of the knife with the tip at the base of the blade. The forefinger, or pointer finger, should be on the blade of the knife itself, slightly angled. This position may seem awkward at first, but it helps to keep control of the knife.

The other hand has the responsibility of keeping the food in place on a cutting board. Make a “claw grip” with this hand. This is the position it should be in to prevent your fingers from being chopped.

Now that you know how to hold your knife, let’s get started on chopping things. An onion, for example, is something everyone has to chop. We can’t teach you the skills to stop the tears, although we hear burning a candle helps.

Source: Isthisreallymylife.com

Chop the ends of the onion off and cut the onion in half. Start with half of the onion. Lay it flat and start cutting it crosswise, resulting in a half-moon shape. Once this is done turn the onion, (holding it in place) on its side. Then cut in the opposite direction, which will leave you with the onion being diced. Watch those fingers!

When chopping herbs, stack the leaves on top of each other and roll them up. Once they are rolled up, start chopping them into long thin strips. This ensures that the texture of the herbs is not damaged.

Don’t forget to keep your knives sharp. Not only is it important for cutting and chopping, but if your knife isn’t sharp, it means you must apply more pressure to cut and chop. This can make the knife more likely to slip. See the full line of knives available from Culinary Outfitters.


Four Wine Accessories Every Wine Enthusiast Should Have

When it comes to your wine, WMF has you covered from opening, enjoying, and preserving your wine. WMF has such a stylish and affordable line of wine accoutrements that you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

First things first, you’ve got to open that bottle to enjoy it. The Vino Variable Corkscrew is probably the only corkscrew you’ll ever need. Due to its patented movable external buttons this corkscrew adapts automatically to all bottlenecks. No worries about fighting to get your bottle open.

Of course, you always have to remove that foil from the top of the wine bottle before you can pop the cork right? Why fight with it using a knife or the point of the corkscrew? Instead use an efficient foil cutter. Simply place this ergonomically designed tool flat on top of the bottle, hold and turn. It makes the process so much simpler.

While most times, you’ll enjoy a bottle in its entirety in one evening, there are times when a bottle must be kept for a day or two. Why just put the cork back in when you could provide a seal that does a better job of preserving your wine? The Zufix Bottle Stopper is versatile and so effective it will taste like the bottle was newly opened when you enjoy it the next day or two later. It fits most wine bottles and seals them air-tight! Comes in assorted colors including blue, orange, red, and green. The set of four is only $9.99.

If you have taken any wine education courses or have read up about wine, you probably are aware that red wine needs to “air out” a bit to be enjoyed at its optimal flavor. This process just means the wine mixes with oxygen to develop its flavor. So, you can certainly open the bottle and let it breathe for a while, or you can pour it in a decanter and let it do its thing.

But what if you don’t want to wait? That’s when the WMF decanting funnel comes in handy. This WMF decanting funnel is super classy but it is also speeds up the process of aerating your wine. The sieve catches any cork or deposit when decanting. The fine holes at the end of the funnel distribute the wine widely over the inside surface of the decanter allowing the wine to become enriched with the air it needs to develop its typical bouquet.

This set would make a lovely gift for a housewarming present. It is perfect for a couple just starting out or a young single getting their first apartment home. The wine package including the Decanter, Wine Opener, Wine Stoppers, and Foil Cutter is less than $80. Gift idea: package this set in a gift basket for an elegant and thoughtful presentation.