#BurntMovie Review

Adam Jones is an arrogant and self-absorbed chef played by Bradley Cooper in the new movie, BURNT.

BURNT tells the story of a talented chef who rose to the top at a young age and was awarded two Michelin stars. After losing everything, he decides to build back his culinary career and win the respect of his colleagues.

Deciding to move to London, he reconnects with old colleagues. The movie is part drama, part comedy. Some say it is more dark than they had expected; Cooper is definitely not the same as Jon Favreau’s Chef but they balanced the laughs with the low points quite nicely.

Besides arrogance, Cooper’s character is a tad psychotic. There’s even a scene in the movie where he loses control and smashes dishes because the food wasn’t perfect. I’m not a chef but if I was, I would be a bit insulted at that kind of portrayal.

There’s another scene in BURNT where Adam Jones schedules a meeting at Burger King. As he is chowing down on a burger, he proceeds to tell his dining companion that the food they cook is quite similar to what they do at Burger King, making cheap food appealing. Really? London fast food joints must be different than American ones.

BURNT is a fantastic movie for foodies, yet it isn’t so artsy, that you couldn’t bring non-foodie friends along and have them appreciate it as well. Besides the storyline, there’s an excellent supporting cast: Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller and The Americans Matthew Rhys. Plus, there’s no shortage of food porn in BURNT.

A Hummus by Any Other Name…

photo credit: Budgetbytes.com

photo credit: Budgetbytes.com

If you attended a party this past Memorial Day weekend or any pot luck in the recent future, chances are someone brought hummus to the party. What’s not to love about hummus? It has a creamy consistency and is healthy for you. It goes well with pita bread, but also pairs nicely with carrots or celery for those avoiding carbs.

Traditionally, hummus is made with chickpeas. The chickpeas are mixed with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and Tahini sauce – a kind of oil made with sesame seeds. However new varieties have popped up in recent years, that have usurped the hummus identity, or so some say. A national producer of hummus now wants the FDA to classify hummus as only being made with chickpeas. All other ingredients, they say, should be 20 percent or less of the makeup of hummus.

Right now, it isn’t clear if this new regulation will go into effect. I think the real question is “Does the world ‘hummus’ really apply to the key ingredient used or simply the process of making it?” While it is true that traditional hummus is made with chickpeas, as any hummus purist will tell you, that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for other types of hummus using ingredients such as black, beans, butter beans or even Edamame. What are you thoughts? Should hummus have a standard identify?

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