Boost Your Health with Green Tea

Understanding green tea health benefits can help you to begin and maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you’re the type of person who finds it challenging to maintain healthy eating and living, a great way to start is by making green tea a part of your daily diet. In today’s hurry up age, it is very possible to spend much of our days rushing to and fro, only taking time to grab a bite to eat on the run. We don’t blame you for being on the go, but at some point you have to stop and take care of your health and body to make sure they both last you for the long run. Feature Image credit: Medical News Today

There are many green tea health rewards that have been discovered by scientists and researchers over the years. While not all of these claims to healthier living have been verified, there are many which have. Of those substantiated, it has been reported that some major health incentives include reduction or resistance of impaired immune function, high cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and infection.

Deciding to establish a diet regimen based on the rewards of green tea health doesn’t have to be an ordeal but careful planning and consideration should be given to selecting the type green tea product you want to use. There are many different forms of green tea on the market, many of which are not the genuine article. Don’t fall for imposters that claim to be green tea but actually only have a small percentage of green tea extract listed as a fourth or fifth ingredient on the list.

Some green tea health products can be purchased over the Internet. This is a great way to not only research the various green tea products that are available, but it eliminates the need to travel to the store to buy them. As a rule, however, you should avoid trying products just because they offer a free sample. The something for nothing concept is usually an auto ship program that subtlely invites you to pay regular charges for automatic refills of a product that may or may not work for you.

When you do find a green tea health product that you’re interested in taking, it is the best practice to check with your physician, particularly if you are taking any other medications that may react to the addition of green tea to your diet. Once you’re cleared by your doctor, you’re ready to begin experiencing some of the great green tea health benefits that are said to have helped make green tea the rage that currently is in many countries around the world.

Remember, not all green tea products are created equal. When the truth is told, there are many lookalike products and even some pseudo green tea items that make the claim but substantiate nothing. So whether you are searching for green tea health items for the short or long term, make sure you are selecting authentic green tea items.

5 Reasons to Drink More Tea

1. Tea is super easy to make.
Even if you prepare your coffee the night before, it still requires measuring coffee and water, not to mention grinding beans, if you are a coffee purist. None of that is necessary for a delicious cup of tea. Just heat up some water. It’s that easy.

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2. Hydration
Research has shown that tea hydrates just as much as water does. So there’s a bonus: besides the antioxidants present in tea, there’s also hydration going on. So you can drink tea all day long!

3. Health Benefits
For years, we’ve been hearing there are major health benefits to drinking different kinds of tea. Besides the fact that Green tea is noted to help in weight loss, research has shown it helps to keep your bones healthy. While your thirty-something self may not care too much about this, your seventy-something self will thank you for being so proactive.

4. Halitosis Help
Researchers at the University of Chicago found that black tea contains a chemical called polyphenols that slow down the formation of bacteria. They may also reduce the chance. of periodontal disease.

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5. Tea Parties
Let’s face it – dinner parties are great, but who has the time to put together a huge meal regularly? With tea parties, choose a couple of your favorite varieties of tea, with a couple dainty finger sandwiches and some cookies and biscuits. Bam – you’re done! Not only is it rather simple to pull together the components but rather classy.


Tea Infusers for Loose Leaf Teas

Loose leaf tea sales have become extremely popular in the last several years. There are all kinds of different flavors of loose leaf teas available. Many argue that loose leaf teas give a better brew of tea than the traditional tea bags. Some tea enthusiasts even prefer to brew their own blend of tea.

Of course if you want to brew loose leaf tea you will need an infuser. The idea is the ease of removal of the tea leaves once you are done brewing your tea. Experts recommend not leaving the tea leaves in your water too long. This causes them to overbrew which leads to bitter tea.

The best thing to do is a use an infuser in a teapot. Simply place the leaves into the tea strainer in the teapot, add water and wait for your tea to brew. There’s even a whistle to let you know when the water is boiling. This is much more convenient versus other brewing methods which require you to boil your water elsewhere and then add to a strainer in a cup. This gets everything done in one step.

When ready, lift out the infuser with the leaves and you’re left with clear tea. The strainer lifts right out of the kettle for easy clean up.

Looking for a quality tea infuser? Made of stainless steel, the WMF Ball Tea Kettle with Infuser combines a beautiful design with sophisticated functionality. The strainers is perfectly sized to allow the tea leaves to develop their flavor,

• Brews up to 1-1/2 quarts of tea
• Removable whistle on spout adds merry note to tea-brewing
• Removable infuser fits into kettle opening with lid removed
• Made of heavy 18/10 stainless steel polished to mirror finish
• Lifetime warranty against defects

For the perfect cup of tea every time, the WMF Ball Tea Kettle with Infuser is the best choice. The elegant design is something any tea lover will be proud to display in their kitchen. Surprise the tea lover in your life with this Tea Kettle.