pecan orgeat cocktails

What is Pecan Orgeat?

Step up that Tiki cocktail with Pecan Orgeat

Pecan Orgeat, as the name suggests, is a liquor produced by grinding pecans into a powder after toasting them. They are then mixed with sugar and water and boiled. It is then mixed with vodka to make the final product.

There’s  been a resurgence in the popularity of Tiki drinks. They are no longer relegated to beachside shacks for tourists. Pecan Orgeat is a fancy ingredient used in some of the classier tiki drinks. Traditionally, orgeat has orange notes, which work well with tiki cocktails.  But taking it a step further, the roastyesque (this made up word best fits the description) syrup provides depth where other mass produced fruity drinks leave off.

Here are two recipes that feature Pecan Orgeat:

Mai Way Cocktail
1.5 oz. Jack Daniels
3/4 oz. Orange Curacao
1/2 oz. Pecan Orgeat
3/4 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Coca-Cola

Mix lime juice, orang curacao, pecan orgeat and whiskey. Shake and pour in to rocks glass. Garnish with orange slice and mint sprig.

The Royal Hawaiian from Beetlecat in Atlanta

1.5 oz. Gin
1 oz. Pineapple juice
.5 oz. lemon juice
.25 oz. Pecan Orgeat

Pecan Orgeat is becoming a more popular ingredients in cocktails. It goes hand in hand with the fact that more cocktail bars are popping up in cities as well as consumers crave more sophisticated drinks than what’s been on menus for decades. Of course, you don’t have to go out to experience the delicious Pecan Orgeat. It is possible to make the syrup at home or buy it at a high end liquor store and make your own concoction. Make sure you have lovely barware to serve your Peacan Orgeat cocktails.

Would you consider making your own Pecan Orgeat? Let us know in the comments.

supper club wisconsin

Bite and sip your way through Fox Cities, Wisconsin

The Midwest is a fantastic getaway for those looking for a bit of nostalgia, kitsch, and beautiful unspoiled scenery. The cities along the Wisconsin’s Fox River (Appleton, Kaukauna, Menasha, and Neenah) are known as the Fox Cities. Here are just a couple reasons to put Fox Cities on your vacation short list this year.

1. Mark’s East Side

brandy old fashioned supper club

Enjoy a Brandy Old Fashioned at Mark’s East Side

Supper clubs are common restaurants found in Wisconsin. These restaurants are throw backs to decades ago with a kitschy decor. Start your meal with a Brandy Old Fashioned, the supper club drink of choice. Sit in the lounge and order some fried cheese curds (you are in Wisconsin!) to go with your drink. Typical foods you’ll find on the menu are fried fish or Prime rib. After dinner it is common to return to the bar and get a dessert drink like a Grasshopper or a Pink Squirrel, an almond-flavored ice cream drink.

2. Wilmar Chocolates
This spot gives new meaning to the phrase, “A kid in a candy store!”  Ever wanted to create your own chocolate bar? For around ten bucks you can pick four high quality ingredients (think pistachio, toasted coconut, toffee). Go in the back of the candy-filled store and view your yummy chocolate bar being created. While you wait, browse the selection of chocolates and other delectable candies.

Wilmar Chocolates fox cities

Watch as candied apples are hand made at Wilmar Chocolates in Fox Cities

3. Lion’s Tail Brewing
Even if you’ve been to many craft breweries across the United States, you’ll be impressed with Lion’s Tail. Here are just a couple of beers they have:

  • King Kula (Rum barrel aged beer)
  • Nitro Stout – Nitro gas forms much smaller bubbles, giving the beer a creamy mouthfeel
  • Royale with Bees – a French-Style Saison with Local Honey

4. Lamer’s Dairy

WIsconsin Cheese Simon's specialty shop
Who knows how old the milk you buy at your regular grocer is. When you drink milk from Lamer’s Dairy in Appleton, you are having milk that was in the cow that morning. The 100+ year old family run company supports farms within 30 miles of Fox Cities. Here you’ll also find local wines as an incredible selection of cheese. Don’t leave without sampling some of their made in house ice cream too. The seasonal Pumpkin Spice is a highlight.


tequila for your health

Why You Need to Drink More Tequila in 2017

There are many health benefits to drinking Tequila in moderation. Here’s some reasons to incorporate Tequila into your diet.

1. It helps control diabetes. Tequila helps lower blood sugar by triggering insulin production and therefore lowers blood sugar.

2. Fights off colds. We should note that this has been said about Whiskey too. While a shot of Tequila may be good, it is better if mixed with equal parts of agave nectar and lime juice. Half an ounce of each should work.

3. Fights cholesterol. Tequila helps lower triglycerides in blood levels. This, in turn, reduces of cholesterol levels.

4. Tequila helps your body absorb medicine more efficiently. When you take any drugs the acid in your stomach breaks them down before they reach your intestines which introduce them into the rest of the body, decreasing the drug’s effectiveness. Tequila acts like a protective barrier for these drugs as they work their way into your system.

tequila for your health

5. You can drink it straight without wanting to throw up afterward Have you ever tried throwing back straight shots of vodka? Chances are they’re coming right back up. When it comes to tequila, you can rest assured that it will sail smoothly down your throat.

6. Pain Reliever. Tequila helps to numb pain by dilating the blood vessels, which results in better blood flow, minimizing pain levels.

7. Cleans your colon. Researchers at Mexico’s University of Guadalajara claim that blue agave found in tequila helps deliver drugs to the colon, which helps to treat illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS and even cancer.

8. Helps you rest. Just one or two shots of Tequila will relax you enough to drift off to sleep. Next time you can’t fall asleep, try sipping on some Don Julio.

It is important to remember that this advice is for tequila by itself. Having three or four margaritas or any cocktail that contains Tequila is not recommended and may even be more harmful. Always remember to drink Tequila in moderation.

wine festival greenville, sc

A Wine Lover’s Festival in Greenville, SC

If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, one of the fun things to do is attend food and wine festivals, right? There are a couple reasons food and wine festivals are a fantastic and fun way to enjoy wine. For one thing, you get to try new wines you’ve never heard of. Plus you can totally geek out with other wine enthusiasts. And of course, it’s wonderful to see the different pairings of food with wine and attend educational seminars. If you live in the Southeastern United States and love wine, you should plan to attend Euphoria, Food, Wine and Music festival in Greenvill, SC.

Happening during late September, which is the optimal time to be outdoors in the south, this year’s festival runs from September 22 through 25. Friday evening begins with a food tasting on the banks of the beautiful Reedy River. Just steps away are expertly selected wines to sip on while you enjoy a concert at the adjacent pavilion.

wine festival greenville, sc

Taste of the South at Greenville’s Euphoria Food, Wine and Music Festival

Rest up Friday night, because Saturday is full of adventures for wine lover’s at this Greenville festival. Beginning in the early afternoon are the wine seminars. They curate topics on specific varietals that delve deep into various components like region, production, pairings and more. These seminars, taught by master sommeliers, allow you to learn from some of the most knowledgeable wine experts. Past seminars have included “Perfect Pinot” and “Rosé Renaissance.”

wine seminar euphoria greenville

Wine Seminars are Taught by Master Sommeliers

Wine Dinners. Euphoria selects only the best restaurants to host these coveted wine dinners. A well known chef prepares a unique menu to compliment the wines. Tipsy? No need to worry about transportation as nearly all the restaurants are close to host hotels. Basically, every festival event is in walking distance to the Greenville hotels, though you can Uber it if you don’t feel like making the short walk.


Sunday Supper at Euphoria Greenville

The Sunday Supper is well worth sticking around for. It is the bittersweet culmination of a fabulous weekend sure. But it is also the opportunity to taste a one-of-a-kind collaborative dinner from chefs all across the South.

You’ll be hard pressed to find such an intimate, yet magnificent feast offered by big name chefs. Past chefs have included Sean Brock and Frank Lee. One of the great things about this wine festival in Greenville is that tickets can be purchased to individual events. You can buy your tickets here.



3 Whiskey Cocktails for Millenials

Who Says Whiskey is for Older Crowds? Impress Your Millenial Friends with Whiskey Cocktails

Why is it that Whiskey always seem to be left alone in the bar scene? It is understandable that most people find Whiskey to harsh to drink while dancing the night away but could it not be introduced in some cocktails? Generally it is assumed that the sweeter drinks tend to give you the staying power on the dance floor as it is usually loaded with sugar.

Sugar is not an ingredient that one would associate with Whiskey and many of the clubbers will shy away from the so called old mans drink. Yet they really do not understand the potential that scotch in small doses in sweet drinks can have. It can liven up the party in a relatively short amount of time.


Impress your friends with these whiskey cocktails

Of course there are the few drinks out there that may inspire a look into by the up and coming Millenials that are trying to mature. One of these mild scotch drinks is the Rusty Nail. This wonderful drink contains 1 oz of scotch oz of Drambuie. And a twist of peel from a lemon

This drink forgoes the common rule of no ice with your whiskey, as the glass should be filled almost to the brim with cubes. Then the Drambuie and scotch are poured in together stirred vigorously and garnished with the peel. This makes a delightful small mixed drink that is much easier on the throat as well as the stomach that straight whiskey.

Another popular drink is the whiskey sour. This drink is open to enjoyment by all classes and generations, including millenials. This drink contains 2 oz of blended whiskey, the juice of half a lemon, tsp of powdered sugar, one cherry and half slice of lemon.

Again this drink is easy to make. Shake the blended whiskey, the powdered sugar and the lemon juice with ice then strain into a whiskey sour glass. Lastly, top with the cherry and garnish the drink with the lemon slice.

Another great drink that the millenials enjoy is the Rob Roy. This is a very simple drink that is relished by many and is very short on the prep time so you can be back on the dance floor in no time flat.

This drink contains 1 oz of scotch whiskey and oz sweet vermouth. You merely stir contents with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

These are easy cocktails that can be enjoyed while out dancing the night away or if you are hosting your friends at your home for a more intimate gathering. Be a a rock star by introducing them to these whiskey cocktails.

6 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Not only does it taste terrific, but there are many benefits to drinking lemon water.

Sure, cocktails are terrific and many cocktails use lemons in them. However, as doctors and nutrition experts tell us, we may want to back away from all the booze and incorporate more water into our daily lives. Also, many people are now cutting back for abstaining for liquor due to health or religions reasons. Whatever the reason here are some reasons to add lemon water into your life.

*It keeps you looking and smelling good! Besides the other reasons listed below, there are several health effects of drinking lemon water that everyone can begin to see rather quickly. 1.) It reduces blemishes. 2.) It helps you to lose weight by keeping you full. 3.) It freshens your breath! Yeah, so after you hit the pizza buffet at lunch, drink a glass of lemon water.

*Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, which acts as an immune booster for your body.

*By drinking lemon water during the day, you are helping to rid your body of harmful toxins. They are flushed out with the aid of the lemons.

*Energize yourself. Looking for a boost of energy when you hit that afternoon slump? Try a glass of lemon water. It energizes your body and won’t have you crashing like a sugar rush would.

*Calm yourself. Lemon water helps reduce anxiety. Even the smell of fresh lemons calms your nervous system.

*Got a sore throat? Squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of warm water and let it sooth your throat. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this works.


Retro Cocktails Need the Nachtmann Fine Barware

The Art of the Cocktail – Start with Nachtmann Barware

Cocktails are certainly making a comeback over the last several years. Not only are we seeing resurgence in restaurants producing top quality cocktails but individuals are excited to try their hand at making cocktails at home. It makes sense – there are plenty of tools and accoutrements on the market to make any home cocktail enthusiast just as good as a mixologist.


Fine Barware Elevates your Cocktail Presentation

Last month, a new cocktail lounge in Atlanta sent their Mixologist to the Americasmart in downtown Atlanta to demonstrate three simple cocktails that any home cocktail enthusiast could make. The demo started with JP Atlanta’s resident mixologist showing us how to take retro cocktails and give them even more star power. First he started off the demo showing us a twist on the Old Fashioned, the Draper Redux.

Draper Redux Cocktail
2 oz Rye Whiskey
1/2 oz. Luxardo Cherry
Dash Angostura Bitters
1/2 oz. Demerara Syrup
Top with splash of soda

Directions: Mix bitters, Demerara syrup, and whiskey. Shake and top with splash of soda. Garnish with Luxardo cherry.


JP Atlanta’s Mixologist shows us how to make the perfect Old Fashioned

Hillard’s Atrium Cocktail
1 oz. Bertina Elderflower
3/4 oz. Suze Apertif
4 oz. Champagne
1 Cucumber slice
1 Mint leaf


Hilliard’s Atrium Cocktail with Champagne

Mix Suze and St. Germain Liquer with mint. Shake and pour into champagne flute. Top with champagne.

Mai Way Cocktail
1.5 oz. Jack Daniels
3/4 oz. Orange Curacao
1/2 oz. Pecan Orgeat
3/4 oz. Lime Juice
1 oz. Coca-Cola

Mix lime juice, orang curacao, pecan orgeat and whiskey. Shake and pour in to rocks glass. Garnish with orange slice and mint sprig.



mocktails a new trend

Mocktails: A Hot New Trend

First, there was the advent of the low proof cocktails, but now there seems to be a trend of zero alcohol in drinks, dubbed the Mocktail. So, why have these non-alcoholic drinks become so popular? Gone are the days when executives would have the three martini lunch. Any drinking during the day time seems to be frowned upon in today’s society.

The evenings are a different story though. There’s a group of people that just choose not to drink whether that be health or beliefs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a nice tasting drink other than cola to clink glasses with their alcohol-loving friends.

Another group includes the part-times. These are designated drivers, the pregnant women, the marathon trainers, and the under-agers. These teetotalers may be ordering shots and downing twelve dollar martinis, but their drinking is tabled for the near future.

Here are a couple interesting mocktails we’ve heard of:

  • The Thyme-Ade (club soda, lime juice and thyme simple syrup)
  • The Apple Mojito (apple cider, mint, lime juice, and simple syrup)
  • The Kitchen Rickey (fresh-squeezed lime juice, blood orange bitters and ginger ale)

Chances are at your next gathering you will encounter a non-drinker, either full time or part time. Instead of relegating these guests to boring cola or lemonade, why not celebrate their sobriety by creating a special mocktail just for them? It doesn’t have to be super complicated as the ones listed above. Many cocktails can be made into mocktails and be just as tasty by simply omitting the alcohol. And don’t forget the best part – serving your craft mocktail in a special cocktail glass.


Make the Perfect Mojito for National Mojito Day

Did you know that July 11 is National Mojito Day? The Mojito is a Cuban cocktail made with five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. It is said the cocktail comes from Sir Francis Drake, who spend a considerable amount of time in the Caribbean. He loved this concoction and many of the islanders enjoyed it as well. He is credited for introducing the beginnings of the Mojito to other parts of the world. In fact, it was originally referred to as the “Drake” or “Draque.”

Mojitos are a refreshing alternative for those who prefer Rum over Tequila, or perhaps just don’t like Tequila. Not only are Mojitos a tasty alternative to margaritas but they are simply to make with very basic ingredients. Here is an easy recipe for some fantastic Mojito cocktails to enjoy this Mojito day or any day!

6 ounces light rum
12 mint sprigs, or spearmint, 8 roughly broken apart
6 tablespoons fresh lime juice
4 tablespoons sugar
Club soda
4 slices lime

Watch how to make this recipe
Place ice in beverage shaker then add in the rum, 8 broken up mint sprigs, lime juice and sugar. Shake well and serve over ice in a high ball glass. Top off each glass with a splash of club soda.

Garnish each with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint. Don’t forget your beautiful serving glasses for your Mojito. The drinks are so pretty, you want a beautiful glass to display them, of course.

Recipe courtesy: Food Network


Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for the Beer and Cocktail Lovers

How come we spend so much time and effort into planning a sensational Mother’s Day yet Father’s Day seems like an afterthought. Father’s Day is June 21st. Show your dad how much you appreciate him by getting him a gift or gifts he’ll truly love. If you have a dad that is interested in coffee, beer, or cocktails then we’ve got some gifts we highly recommend.

Craft beer is extremely popular these days. No longer are we limited to the boring domestic brews, but some really fascinating types of beers are available right now. So, does your dad love Pilsners, IPA’s, wheat beers? Perhaps he likes them all. Check out our selection of beer glasses to suite just about any kind of beer.

Maybe your dad is more of a cocktail drinker. No problem. We’ve got you covered there too. Check out these amazing martini glasses, that just makes us think of Madmen. Or how about this Whiskey crystal tumbler? There’s a full line of cocktail glasses available from Culinary Outfitters – view them all here.

Don’t forget accessories for any beer, wine or cocktail sets or glasses you may purchase. We’ve got you covered there too.

In a hurry? Did you know we’ll even gift wrap the gift for you? Just tell us the message you’d like written in the card and we’ll handle that for you as well.