Beer Growlers: Available at a Liquor Store Near You

If you are a beer aficionado, then you’ve no doubt heard of beer Growlers. Beer Growlers are ideal for those who want to get the best deal on purchasing their favorit craft beer. These large glass jugs that can be purchased at some liquor stores and filled with a variety of brews.Why buy a growler instead of your favorite six-pack of craft beer? The cost can be significantly lower. Instead of paying around $10  for a six-pack, a growler holds more pours for the same price. The growler itself can be purchased for a one-time nominal fee, usually around three or four dollars.

Growler vs. six or twelve packs:

  • Use the growler over and over again – no need to deal with any recycling
  • Growlers hold more than a six-pack, so it saves money
  • Easy storage – buy

Caring for your Beer Growler
Make sure to wash your Beer Growler out thoroughly before getting it refilled. Don’t use soap as it can be hard to get out of the growler and sometimes leaves a residue that will affect the taste of your next brew. Instead of soap, use hot water.

Many beer advocates recommend consuming the entire contents of your Growler in one sitting to get the best taste from the beer. However, if consumed within two to three days of opening, the taste should be unaffected. Growlers can be stored for up to two weeks if they remain unopened. Be sure it is in a cool, dark place as well. In addition, for optimal taste, serve your brews to your guests in the best glasses for optimal taste – Spiegelau beer glasses. Here’s a link to the Spiegelau connoisseur set. Cheers!

Father’s Day Barware Gifts

Father’s Day is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. We all seem to remember to do something nice for mom, but just seem to forget that Dad needs to be remembered as well. Besides a nice tie or coffee mug here are some gifts that most dads will appreciate this Father’s Day.

Perhaps your Dad appreciates a good Beer or Spirits of some sort. Riedel has got you covered whether that is Tequila, Sherry a Martini or something in between. These selections of crystal glasses come in sets of two and are available starting at under $20.

Is your pop strictly a beer lover? Then you’ll want to get him the beer connossiueur set from Spiegelau. The beer glasses come in a set of four: Wheat, Pilsner, Lager and Tulip. Believe it or not, the shape of a glass really does play an important role in the optimum taste of each type of beer according to Spiegelau. And apparently thin glass is important as well for promoting malty sweetness and hop bitterness to it’s fullest potential.

Of course, every good bartenders needs a good barware set, right? WMF has got you all set with what may just be the cutest set of bar tools you will ever see.  Every piece has a face on it – from the bear face on the strainer to the shark (with teeth) ice tongs. All the pieces have rounded handles, and a stainless steel finish. See the full barware set here.

With pool season in full swing, Dad will no doubt want a case to carry his brews up the pool or to the beach with him. Check out this tote available from Built. It’s perfect to take to the beach, park, or party, and keeps beverages cool up to four hours. This beer tote is as slim as a thin mint when not in use, but don’t be deceived by its size—it expands to fit the canned or bottled beverage of your choice.

Show dad how thoughtful you can be and get him something he can use for years to come. Remember Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17, so don’t wait another minute putting off buying dad a terrific gift.