The Roasterie: Air Roasted Coffee

The Roasterie is an Air roaster. There are only about 5 percent of roasters that are air roasters in the country. The closed loop system uses less energy and yields a sweeter and brighter flavor. When the beans are packaged, all the oxygen is pulled out out the bag which lowers the oxidation process, resulting in a longer shelf life.

The Roasterie is dedicated to direct trade to ensure the farmers get a fair wage for their work and product. By doing this,farmers get much higher prices for their coffees than they would with other trade systems.


Saturdays are available for tours and demonstration on making the perfect cup of the coffee the Cupping Room. What is Cupping? It is exploring the aroma, flavor, mouth feel and overall quality of a coffee. If you can’t make it there for a cupping, they supply many of the Kansas c City area restaurants with coffee.

Cupping is a fairly regimented and structured process, practiced identically by professional cuppers across the entire coffee industry. It’s akin to a sommelier discerning the components of a fine wine; however, cupping depends upon many controlled variables built into the process.

Green Coffee Facts:

  • 120 Arabica Tree Varietals
  • It takes trees 3-5 years to produce coffee
  • Trees are able to produce coffee for approximately 20 years
  • Trees produce about 2 lbs of coffee for year and Americans drink about 4 lbs per year

L: Simeon Bricker of The Roasterie demonstrates making the perfect cup of coffe, R: Latte Art

Did you know that latte art is a talent that has it’s own competition? Working his way up from Barista to Buyer and Master Roaster, Simeon Bricker,  aka, Professor Bean, also competes in latte art competitions. In 2014 Simeon became the first ever United States Latte Art Champion. Drop by The Roasterie and see what kind of latte art Simeon will make for you.