The Best Way to Rid Your Kitchen of Fruit Flies

What’s loves fruit more than you do? Fruit flies. These annoying creatures get right in your face as you are trying to eat or sip your drink. They come out of nowhere and are near impossible to get rid of. As bad as it is when you are with your family, fruit flies are even more annoying when you are trying to host a party. So, we’ve listed a couple ways to get rid of fruit flies.

Did you know that fruit flies only live about 10 days? But here’s the crazy thing: females lay about 500 eggs per day. So, we have to do everything we can to combat these pesky creatures. The first step to rid your kitchen of fruit flies is to destroy their breeding ground: ripe or almost ripe fruit. So, move your fruit to the fridge. Of course they are drawn to garbages, disposals and damp areas, so be vigilant about fruit fly magnets in your kitchen as well.

Of course, just removing the source of the problem doesn’t mean eggs aren’t hatching with new flies. So, here are a couple ways to rid your kitchen of fruit flies.

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Funnel Method
Using a sheet of paper, form a cone shape. Tape it off and tuck it into a jar that contains a small amount of apple cider vinegarĀ or a ripe banana (wine or any overripe fruit works too). The flies will pile up in the jar and aren’t smart enough to realize that they can fly out of the jar. Once you’ve trapped a fair amount of fruit flies, spray them with insecticide.

Plastic Wrap Method
Mix apple cider vinegar in a small jar and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Cover with plastic wrap and secure it in place with a rubber band then poke three or four holes in the plastic. This will attract and drown the fruit flies. The dishwashing liquid reacts with the vinegar causing the flies fall in.